VERTICAL TILLAGE Farming in the Zone

Featuring the NEW SM75 Coulter

Big Country Wagon Coulter spacing is 7.5” for excellent residue sizing and soil flocculation, allowing for earlier planting. This will not put residue under the soil surface, but places a limited amount of soil on top of the residue to start microbial activity and to hold the residue in place during high winds.

The SM75 is used for:

  • Water infiltration
  • Sizing the soil
  • Sizing residue
  • Scattering residue evenly across field with high residue/high clearance harrow attachment
  • Seedbed preparation
  • Aeration of improved grasses

Increase or Decrease soil movement by changing blades from fluted, turbo or wavy. This machine can be pulled up to 10 mph.

Field Cultivator
Vertical Tillage

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SM-75 in ground sizing and fracturing top 4 inches of soil

SM-75 Vertical tillage with 20” 17 wave blades

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