XT Flex Harrow and XT Harrow Attachment 25’ – 51’

The Wako XT Harrow is built heavy enough to do the job. This Machine, like the entire “Big Country Line of Equipment”, meets Wako’s signature core principles of Innovation, Knowledge, and Design.  Our XT Harrows are engineered for longevity, low maintenance and easy tine replacement.

The 9 Row XT Flex Harrow’s heavy wall 4”x 6” “A” framed tongue along with 3”x 4” heavy wall tool bar construction, and our heavy duty hydraulic package, are at the heart of its rugged construction.  It has been called an implement all on its own.

The 3 and 4 Row XT Harrow Attachment uses the same rugged features while it attaches to your existing equipment such as a Field Cultivator, Chisel or Ripper.

Looking for a one-stop-shop for harrows, tillage tools or sprayers? We use our buying power to offer thousands of quality products at affordable prices.

Why Purchase Your Harrows from Wako?


Durability!  One of the keys to the Wako XT Harrow’s longevity is the chrome tine insert. The chromium insert keeps the working length of 12.5”, throughout the life of the tine. In addition, the sharp leading edge of the insert is an excellent fracturing point.  With our chrome tines and more weight per foot than the competitors you can expect superior results.

Whether you need a harrow as an implement or a harrow as an attachment we have the perfect harrow for your job. If your goal is to smooth out the ground in as few passes as possible avoiding unnecessary compaction, the Wako XT Harrow is the solution.

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4 Row XT Harrow

Every field deserves soil perfection and Wako provides the solution.  Whether you need a harrow as an implement or a harrow for your implement we have you covered.

Our Harrows are XT (Extra Tough).

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