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Big Country Wagon: 26’-59’ Versatile, Economical, Indestructible ToolBar

The Big Country Wagon (BCW) is the most versatile and economical all-around tillage equipment you can own. It starts with the free-floating Wagon Style Tongue that pulls evenly across the field, levels and adjusts hitch height on its own. Then comes the frame – the foundation on which Wako stakes its reputation. The BCW is designed to withstand the high horsepower tractors built today and will last for years to come. Using the innovative and practically indestructible Bull Shank System, the Big Country Wagon can be easily customized allowing you to utilize different attachments for your varying needs.

Wako builds the Big Country Wagon as one of the heaviest frames on the market today using special designs and techniques for greater flex and more strength giving you a user-friendly tool that will go to the field and work. Yet it remains one of the lower cost per acre machines on the market.

The Bull Shank System unlike the spring-loaded shanks has no pins, springs or bushings to wear out or break. The Bull Shank System is what gives you the options for a Chisel, Field Cultivator/FallowMaster, Ripper, Vertical Till, Strip-Till, No-Till or Fertilizer Applicator.

Looking for a one-stop-shop for toolbars, harrows, sprayers or ag wear parts? We use our buying power to offer thousands of quality products at affordable prices.

Why Purchase Wako’s Big Country Wagon?


At Wako, we have been making reliable and affordable tilling and spraying equipment for nearly sixty years. Our products are built in the United States. The Big Country Wagon is our flagship on which we stake our reputation. If you are looking for a durable, tough piece of equipment that will save you time and money; look no further!

The BCW ToolBar and the Bull Shank System are your all-around field equipment. Your options are:

  • Rippers for Deep -Till
  • Spikes for Primary-Till
  • Penetrators for Full-Till
  • Finisher/Fallow Sweeps for Minimum-Till
  • SM 75 for Vertical-Till
  • NTO II for No-Till
  • Knives for Fertilizer Application
  • RZM Row Units for Strip-Till

Save money and worry with your tough and innovative Big Country Wagon for years to come!

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Big Country Mini Ripper

Want to experience the innovation and make the most out of your trips to the field?  The Big Country is a must for your farming operation.

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Wako – serving the farmer since 1962

Wako sets the farming industry standard with Design, Innovation and Knowledge – building better and more efficient equipment for the tillage, fertilizer and spray users, improving the farming techniques of farmers all over the United States and other countries customizing the Full-Till, Strip-Till, No-Till and Minimum-Till equipment.

Wako manufactures chisel, cultivator, fertilizer and strip-till toolbars, sprayers and offers everything from Duck Butter to Big Country 60’ Rippers direct to the farmer.