Tillage Tools: Sweeps, Spikes, Disc and Coulter Blades and More!

Looking for the right tillage tools to fit your specific need? Look no further. Wako offers a complete line of tillage tools and replacement/wear parts. Our sweeps, spikes and blades are made from high quality steel, our chrome caps offer long life and our hardfacing outlast others. We have your answer to tough soil conditions.

Looking for a one-stop-shop for tillage tools, spray parts or ag wear parts? We use our buying power to offer thousands of quality products at affordable prices.

Why Purchase Your Tillage Tools from Wako?

Quality Products at Affordable Prices

At Wako, we have been making reliable and affordable tilling and spraying equipment for nearly sixty years. If you want the maximum in durability, check out our hard-to-find hardfaced options on nearly all our sweeps and spikes. All our hardfaced items are done in-house and have excellent wearability and a fantastic price!

Here are some of the different tillage tools we offer:

  • Field cultivator sweeps, plain, hardfaced sweeps and turbo sweeps
  • Chisel penetrator sweeps, hardfaced and chrome-capped
  • Chrome-capped chisel spikes
  • Chisel sweeps, flat wings and fast wings with optional hardfacing
  • Chisel heel sweeps
  • Disc blades
  • Coulter Blades – plain, fluted, crucible, turbo or wavy
  • Hardfaced “V” Sweep plow blades
  • Moldboard Plow Replacement Parts- Plowshares, landsides, moldboards

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Field Finisher Fallow Sweep Tillage Tool attachment for farming

We leverage our buying power and pass those savings on to you and that has never been truer than for our line of wear products for tilling the soil.

Looking for the hard to find hard-faced products?  Call for plain or hard-faced wear parts.

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Wako – serving the farmer since 1962

Wako sets the farming industry standard with Design, Innovation and Knowledge – building better and more efficient equipment for the tillage, fertilizer and spray users, improving the farming techniques of farmers all over the United States and other countries customizing the Full-Till, Strip-Till, No-Till and Minimum-Till equipment.

Wako manufactures chisel, cultivator, fertilizer and strip-till toolbars, sprayers and offers everything from Duck Butter to Big Country 60’ Rippers direct to the farmer.