The Soil Commander – your go to machine for all your fieldwork needs. This cutting-edge farm equipment is designed to enhance soil health and maximize crop yields. Engineered for efficiency and improves water infiltration. Ideal for a variety of soil types. The Soil Commander is heavy duty, easy to operate, and built to withstand the toughest conditions, making it a valuable addition to any farming operation. One pass is all you need.

Product Highlights

  • One Pass
  • High Speed Leveling
  • More Versatile than a 16 bar Harrow
  • Use all Season – Primary Tillage to Planting
  • Pull Independently or in Tandem with Disc, Chisel or BCW
  • Soil Aeration – Enhance soil health by improving air circulation.
  • Weed Killing – Efficiently eliminate unwanted plants with precision.
  • Water infiltration – Promotes better water penetration for optimal plant growth.
  • On the go Hydraulic Depth Adjustment or Complete Lift (leaves harrow engaged)
  • Excellent Seedbed Preparation – Prepare perfect seedbeds for uniform crop emergence.
  • Chemical Incorporation – Ensure even distribution of chemicals for effective pest and disease control.