WAKO, LLC was established in 1962 by Charles and Juanita Bland in Wakita, Oklahoma.  Mr. Bland was an innovator with a vision to build better and more efficient equipment. In 1965 WAKO pioneered the NH3 applicator that set the standard for the industry. Over the years, many other new pieces have been developed establishing WAKO as a leading innovator in the industry.  Mr. Bland is now 83 years old and he saw his vision become reality.  Today 52 years later the vision is still alive in his two sons, Wayne & Rex Bland and one grandson Shane Bland.
As you look through these pages you will see the innovations WAKO has designed and developed to custom fit the diverse farming practices needed in the industry today. WAKO equipment works for every farmer of all crops whether it is potatoes, wheat, corn, soybeans, milo or any other operation using  No-Till, Minimum-Till, Strip-Till or Full-Till.