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Use it as:
First Pass (Post Harvest)
Fertilizer Placement
Field Finisher (Pre-Plant)

The BCW with the 22 inch Low Disturbance Fallow Sweep (LDFS) continues to be the proven, modern tillage practice for today’s producer.

The (LDFS) can be utilized as a first pass operation after harvest, or it can be used just before planting. The (LDFS) works in a similar manner as a V-Plow blade, leaving 80% of the residue at the surface, while eliminating 100% of the green vegetation present.

The 22” (LDFS) requires less horsepower per foot than a V-plow or field cultivator. (as Much as 25%) The producer is directly benefited by savings in fuel, time and ware and tear.

Designed with a unique Ultra Narrow Frog, the Frog and Sweep combination glides through the soil with improved depth control, while minimizing moisture loss. The (LDFS) may be purchased with an optional fertilizer tube making it an excellent choice for any type of fertilizer placement.

The 22” (LDFS) meets Wako’s signature core principles of Innovation, Knowledge and Design: First pass after harvest, fertilizer placement, and pre-plant field finisher.

The BIG COUNTRY WAGON with the 22 inch Low Disturbance Fallow Sweep (LDFS) on 15” centers, has made Wako’s impact in the tillage arena very successful.

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