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The Big Country ToolBar is the most economical all-around tillage equipment you can own. The innovatory Bull Shank System makes this workhorse adaptable to changing farming conditions from no-till to full/deep till, coulter/knives and deep rippers. Changing from a ripper point to a sweep or NH3 knife is quick and easy. The Bull Shank System also comes with our strip-till and zone till adaptors.

It’s available in widths of 26’ – 60’ and can be used with rippers, spikes, sweeps, and fertilizer knives

Also available with our 4 Row XT Harrow attachment.

Product Highlights:

  • Free-floating wagon-style tongue.
  • No hitch height adjustment or leveling needed, making it very user friendly.
  • Pulls evenly across the field preventing gouging and lifting with constant depth regardless of terrace, ditches,or uneven terrain.
  • The 41’ BCW with Bull Shank System weighs 15,750 pounds, or 18,250 lbs with the 4 Row XT Harrow.

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