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The Big Country ToolBar is the most economical and versatile tillage equipment you can own. Featuring the innovative Bull Shank System, this workhorse adapts effortlessly to changing farming conditions, from no-till to full/deep tillage. Whether you need coulter/knives or deep rippers, switching from a ripper point to a sweep or NH3 knife is quick and easy with the Bull Shank System. It also includes strip-till and zone till adapters, ensuring comprehensive functionality for your farming needs.

Key Features

  • Available Widths: Choose from widths ranging from 26’ to 60’, accommodating various farming scales.
  • Versatile Attachments: Compatible with rippers, spikes, sweeps, and fertilizer knives.
  • Optional 4 Row XT Harrow Attachment: Enhance performance with this additional feature.

Product Highlights

  • Free-Floating Wagon-Style Tongue: Ensures stability and ease of use.
  • User-Friendly Design: No hitch height adjustment or leveling needed.
  • Consistent Performance: Pulls evenly across the field, preventing gouging and lifting, maintaining constant depth regardless of terrain variations.
  • Durable Construction: The 41’ BCW with Bull Shank System weighs 15,750 pounds, or 18,250 pounds with the 4 Row XT Harrow.

Why Choose Big Country ToolBar?

The Big Country ToolBar stands out in the market for its adaptability and user-friendly features. The innovative Bull Shank System allows for seamless transitions between different tillage needs, saving you time and effort. With its robust construction and versatile attachments, it’s the ideal choice for efficient and effective tillage.

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