Optimize Your Farming Operations – One Spray at a Time!

Introducing Wako’s New Cattle Sprayer, the ultimate solution for efficient and effective spraying!


Key Features:

Multi-purpose Spraying: Perfect for fields, pastures, and livestock areas.

Precision Application: Hand wand for targeted spraying in hard-to-reach areas.

Durable Construction: Built to withstand rugged farm environments.

Easy Operation: Simple attachment to your tractor’s 3-point hitch system.


Why Choose Our Sprayer?


Maximized Efficiency: Cover large areas quickly and evenly.

Enhanced Control: Hand wand ensures precision application where needed.

Robust Performance: Reliable operation season after season.

Upgrade your spraying equipment today and experience the convenience and effectiveness of our 3-Point Sprayer with Hand Wand. Perfect for keeping your livestock healthy and your pastures well-maintained!