Fertilizer Knives for any Condition or Application.

Our line of fertilizer knives is designed to fit any type of application need you might have. Whether farming in wet or dry soil, whether you want minimum or maximum soil disturbance, we have a fertilizer knife to fit your need. We even have a “beast” of a knife that holds up in rocky conditions.

Looking for a one-stop-shop for fertilizer knives – toolbars, replacement parts, coulters, points or a sprayer?  We use our buying power to offer thousands of quality products at affordable prices.

Why Purchase Your Fertilizer Knives from Wako?


Wako is the largest fertilizer knife manufacturer in the United States. We have been making reliable and affordable agriculture products for nearly sixty years. We provide long wearing knives to distributors and end users all over the US and other countries. Our fertilizer knives are made from superior grade 5160 Springsteel, Heat Treated and have leading edge chrome inserts as well as chrome tube protectors providing a durable knife for your fertilizer application. We also offer beaver tail sealers, dual tubes and customized knives for your need.

Here is just a short list of our features:

  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Excellent Sealing
  • Dual Tubes
  • Chrome Inserts
  • Beaver Tail Sealers
  • Chrome Tube Protectors
  • Triple Tubes
  • Rock Guard
  • Splatter Plate
  • Many options to fit your needs for soil condition and disturbance level

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Knife used in the field attachment for farming

Wako knows knives.  We have been supplying the world-wide agriculture industry knives for over 50 years with solutions for many needs.

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Wako – serving the farmer since 1962

Wako sets the farming industry standard with Design, Innovation and Knowledge – building better and more efficient equipment for the tillage, fertilizer and spray users, improving the farming techniques of farmers all over the United States and other countries customizing the Full-Till, Strip-Till, No-Till and Minimum-Till equipment.

Wako manufactures chisel, cultivator, fertilizer and strip-till toolbars, sprayers and offers everything from Duck Butter to Big Country 60’ Rippers direct to the farmer.