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The BCW (Big Country Wagon) Toolbar combined with The SM75 (Soil Manager on 7 ½” Center) acts as avertical tillage machine. By placing the Bull Shank System on 15” centers and using the Double-Bladed SM75 Coulter you’ll be able to chop and size your soil to the max, all while enjoying the workhorse features of the BCW Toolbar.

Product Highlights:

  • The SM75 Vertical Tillage Unit with 17”, x ¾” blade is designed exclusively for the Wako Bull Shank System, cutting/chopping the soil every 7.5 inches.
  • Allows for better water infiltration
  • Made for high-speed travel
  • Gets you planting quicker during a wet spring season
  • Scatters residue evenly with the harrow attachment