CHISEL Farming in the Zone

For 30 plus years wheat producers have tried to use their chisel plow from wheat harvest to planting with questionable success.  Wako’s engineering team set a goal to design and manufacture a tillage toolbar that would replace the Disc, Chisel, Fertilizer Applicator, and Field Cultivator and be successful in each tillage event.

 The Big Country Wagon with the Bull Shank System has been extremely successful and gives the Producer many tillage options to fit their needs. The Big Country Wagon is the heaviest, most versatile piece of equipment available.

 It is the lowest, cost per-acre machine on the Market today.

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From No-Till to Full-Till the Big Country Wagon is the Bull in the Herd, with replaceable cast hinges and threaded ball knuckles, nylatron wear surfaces, heavier shafts and clevis on the cylinders.

The BCW Chisel has the capability with all the options available to fit and perform well on any farm in the U.S. and abroad.

160” Center
3 section 31’, 34’, 37’, 39’
5 section 46’, 49’

190” Center
3 section 31’, 34’, 37’, 39’, 41’
5 section 54’, 57’, 59’, 62’

Starting At $32,200

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Innovation. Knowledge. Quality.

WAKO equipment is designed and developed to custom fit the diverse farming practices needed in the industry today. WAKO equipment works for every farmer of all crops whether it is potatoes, wheat, corn, soybeans, milo or any other operation using No-Till, Minimum-Till, Strip-Till, or Full-Till.

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