WAKO’s Three (3) Coulter Zone/Strip-Till System creates a worked soil sized zone. The Zone/Strip width is easily adjustable to 5 – 10 inches and a depth up to 10 inches versus the narrow two inch strip of the single coulter system. Adjusting the width of the zone, the depth of the knife and travel speed, will change the soil size to create the best seed bed structure for precision planting of crops.

The addition of two coulters is what sets the WAKO Zone/Strip-Till apart from the competition. Traditional Strip-Till machines have one coulter in-line with the fertilizer knife. This one coulter system causes blow-outs or large soil sizes in most soil types. This leaves air pockets in the soil and plant roots do not grow in air.

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Features include:
3 Coulter System
3 Different Knives available
5 Pos. Quick Pin Adjust
5”-10” width Zone
Residue cleaners
WAKO Bull Shank System
Sizes Available
12 Row
16 Row
18 Row
24 Row
Prices Starting at:
12 Row
16 Row
18 Row
24 Row
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