TheField Finish Sweep Assembly converts the BCW Toolbar into a weed-killing machine, leaving 85% of the residue on top.

The assembly is made from a frog adaptor with a chromium insert and a 22” sweep. The medium lift sweep has been engineered for maximum weed killing while running at 4” deep. You also have the option of adding fertilizer tubes for optimal placement in the root zone (microbial zone).

Product Highlights:

  • Shallow minimum tillage for a complete kill, leaving the soil pre-plant ready. Works like a field cultivator with a greater trash clearance.
  • With all the options available, the BCW Field Cultivator has the ability to fit and perform well on any farm in the U.S. and abroad.

Standard Features:

  • Bull Shank –Works well in rocky conditions and never wears out. No pins, springs, or bushings to wear out or break, unlike the industry standard spring-loaded chisel shank. Made with two pieces for accessible replacement. The farmer-friendly design by Wako provides the option to utilize it for individualized farming practices.
  • Powerful Frame – Made with 4” x 6” square tubing and special welding techniquesproviding higher tensile strength and flexibility. The larger frame provides the weight required for a heavier and more powerful machine with the proper floatation, allowing for a very balanced pull even in wet conditions.
  • Cast Hinges with 1 ½” Pins – The cast hinges don’t freeze up.This means they last longer and require no maintenance, saving valuable time money. The pins are made from high strength steel for rugged use.
  • Nylatron Bearings – Every moving point has nylatron bearings which require no grease. They need very little maintenance and havea long lifespan.
  • Positive Depth Stops – Wako’s unique design exerts zero pressure on cylinders while in working field position. This allows for less work on the rephrasing cylinders and leads to a prolonged life.
  • Hubs and Spindles – Carrying capacity of 32,980 pounds (6 tires on the ground, center section only) for folded ease of transportation. Additional 4 or 10 tires on the ground depending on size.
  • Best in Industry Trash Flow–Shanks are at least 45 inches apart (side to side) on any given row with a shank clearance of 33” from the bottom of the frame to the bottom of the shank.